CDM 2015: do I need to notify the HSE?

YES – IF YOUR project fulfilS the following criteria:

  • Last more than 30 working days
  • Involve more than 20 persons on site at any one time
  • Involve more than 500 person days (i.e. 50 people working on a project site for 10 days or more)

ALL projects within the scope of new regulations are notifiable to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) via the F10 Form on the HSE website

why regulate?

The purpose of the CDM 2015 Regulations is to ensure that every project is planned and managed in a safe and secure manner and to make sure no-one is harmed during the work or its subsequent operation, maintenance and demolition. Effective planning will ensure that any work is well managed, with fewer unexpected health and safety incidents, costs and maintenance issues. This action benefits all parties involved.

Should the project come within the scope of the new regulations the client must register the site and appoint in writing.

  • Principal Designer
  • Principal Contractor –  if there is more than one contractor

Appointing the above will avoid the client having to assume either or both of these roles and the associated legal duties.

The client has a duty to test the appointed contractor and designer for competence. Further information on client responsibilities.

It is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE not to comply with the Regulations

For a brief explanation of the roles of Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, read more.

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