Craft Apprenticeships

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Each year apprentices are hand-picked from a large number of applicants, continuing the well-established tradition at Symm, of young people learning the crafts of bricklaying, carpentry, wood machining, joinery and specialist decorating techniques.

Recognising the importance of providing a thorough and grounded education in their chosen trade, Symm operates a full craft apprenticeships scheme at the end of which apprentices achieve their NVQ 3 qualification.  In the course of the apprenticeship Symm aims to provide the apprentices with a comprehensive understanding of the trade encouraging them to mature as individuals, ready for professional responsibility.

Many craftsmen have been with the company for decades. Some are second and even third generation. The skills they possess are rare and Symm treasures some of the finest craftsmen to be found anywhere in the world.

The Prince of Wales’s Building Crafts Apprenticeships


Symm is delighted also to provide placements each year for talented craftspeople on
The Prince of Wales’s Building Crafts Apprenticeships Programme.  This is an eight-month
programme offering building craftspeople the opportunity to enhance and advance their
design knowledge and experience in traditional and sustainable building crafts.

Selected comments from some of those placed with Symm include:

My favourite activity was constructing the gate entrance at … with Symm as it was something different.

I feel that I have changed through taking part in the programme as now I’m more educated with new and traditional methods of work.

I was working on a 17th-century mansion and … I have learnt how large companies work in heritage and conservation at a property.  I have also learnt new methods and techniques to help in the conservation a property.

‘Enjoying my placement with Symm so far, brilliant company, brilliant work, great people’.

The Prince’s Foundation