Palm Beach Residence

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Coral stone from the Dominican Republic was selected for this beautiful Florida house.  Symm Group’s professional management team shipped the stone to its workshops in Oxford where it managed the design and carried out all preparation and fabrication.  The completed stonework was delivered to Florida, where the Symm team co-ordinated its successful installation.

A series of fine staircase flights was also commissioned for the belvedere.  The resulting English oak staircase rises up through the building to a viewing gallery with a patinated floor and coffered ceiling, all in oak.  The woodwork was completed and hand polished to an aged finish in the Oxford workshops prior to being installed by Symm craftsmen.

What we did

Symm Joinery

Who we worked with

Fairfax and Sammons – Architects
Hedrick Brothers – Contractors


“The special care in the selection of the timber for the individual stair parts, together with Symm’s induplicable finishing, provided us with a stair that far exceeded our expectations.” Richard Sammons, Architect

“I would like to thank the whole Symm team for the outstanding stonework. Your product and personal effort helped this project to be world class.” Bob Proper, Hedrick Brothers Contractors